At TMS Capital, we believe strategic planning is critical to long term wealth creation and preservation. By taking the time to understand your investment goals, we can tailor a well-rounded wealth growth strategy that supports your financial ambitions.

Our experienced advisors specialise in the following services:

  • Wealth creation, including long term tailored portfolio construction
  • Tax minimisation, implementing tax efficient investment structures where appropriate to build wealth in the optimal environment
  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning through contribution strategies and demonstrating longevity of funds through cash flowing.
  • Asset allocation, a disciplined and tailored approach to asset allocation and investment strategy regularly reviewed
  • Estate planning assisting in wealth transfer, estate planning or philanthropic strategies.
  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)


We specialise in providing personalised structural planning advice and investment management for self-managed superannuation funds. We help you establish and maximise the benefits of your SMSF, so that you can take full control over your retirement.

As a SMSF specialist, we can assist you with:

  • Establishment of your SMSF & ongoing management
  • Accumulation stage and contribution strategies
  • Asset transfers into super
  • Retirement planning
  • Pension establishment and management - how and when to move from accumulation stage to an account-based pension
  • Tax minimisation strategies
  • Tax reporting, online access and mail house service


TMS Portfolio Management is a personalised service. We ensure investments are individually tailored to meet a client’s unique goals and objectives.

The team specialises in the active management of diversified investment portfolios for the high net worth investor (investment minimum $1 million) with an emphasis on listed shares and securities.

While TMS has access to institutional research, our in-house research capabilities are crucial to our investment decisions. The TMS team frequently meets with the management of relevant ASX listed companies and attends all analyst briefings, which is critical to our investment management.

Clients engaged in this service are consulted, informed and fully understand the reasoning behind each of our investment recommendations.

In selecting investments, we believe it is imperative to think as long-term business owners of the companies selected, as we believe this is integral to long-term wealth creation.

TMS provides portfolio management over:

  • Australian equities
  • International equities
  • Property securities
  • Fixed interest
  • Cash


TMS has been running and managing funds for over a decade. The Concentrated Australian Share Portfolio is a concentrated, growth focused, index unaware fund that invests in the businesses we find that we believe could offer long-term share price growth to our clients. Our goal is to find those businesses with proven management teams - high returns on capital employed, strong balance sheets operating in industries we feel have structural tailwinds. Ultimately these companies should have a high probability of significantly increasing earnings per share over a five year period. Experience tells us that over such a timeframe total shareholder returns will track profit trajectory.

We believe adopting a buy and hold mentality when investing in stocks offering these attributes will result in superior performance over time. We are, however, happy to rapidly skim and add to positions through short term volatility, whilst holding a core position in our key holdings.

The fund is competitively priced with a fee structure that is aligned with investor interests. It is open to those clients that meet the test of a Sophisticated Investor or are able to invest a minimum of $500K. Ben Clark is the lead Portfolio Manager and is personally invested in the fund.

TMS Capital - Fund in focus

Expatriate Wealth Management

TMS provides advice to expats who need wealth managed whilst offshore or those who are transferring their wealth to Australia.

Our firm provides the following Expat Wealth Management services:

  • UK Pension transfers and currency management
  • Wealth creation and portfolio construction
  • Strategic investment advice
  • Tax planning and strategies
  • Estate Planning and intergenerational wealth transfer advice

Download PDF - UK Expatriate Wealth Management

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