Ben Clark and Jeremy Hook have been regularly sought for media comment over the past twenty years. Investors may have seen their regular stock market commentary on CNBC and Sky Business (especially the long-running and popular Your Money Your Call program). They have also appeared on ABC TV and radio as well as working with and providing online content.

Buy Hold Sell: 5 ASX and international growth stocks

10 July 2020

In this episode Ben Clark and Roger Montgomery scour stocks in the domestic and international markets offering the best growth opportunities at a reasonable price.

They include: 1) An Australian payments company at the top of Ben’s list and whose share price has recently pulled back, 2) A WAAAX stock receiving unfair media coverage, 3) An ASX healthcare giant trying to find its feet, 4) A FAANG pick trading on 23x earnings; keeping US$60 billion cash and offering tremendous growth optionality and 5) An iconic European brand riding the digital media boom.


Buy Hold Sell: Is it time to load up on growth stocks?

7 July 2020

Have Australian investors mistaken their strategy all these years? As markets emerge from the “Corona Crash”, it’s evident that high growth stocks continue to be the best performers. For those […]


Buy Hold Sell: 6 of the most Googled stocks

3 July 2020

An investor’s best friend… Google. We all use it, we all love it. Google processes approximately 70,000 search queries per second, meaning 5.8 billion searches per day. So we had […]


Buy Hold Sell: 6 standout results

29 August 2019

Earnings season winds up today, and there have been plenty of surprises with accompanying share price dislocations. And because news takes time to be fully factored in, the move on […]